Snake River Management Plan moves forward

On Jan. 19, 2016, Jackson Hole residents and visitors received the cumulative benefit of dedicated community-driven Snake River stewardship work. After a first full test season in 2015, the Teton Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2016 version of the Snake River Management Plan.

The river plan exists because commercial outfitters and the Snake River Fund sought the services of Teton County to oversee sustainable use of the Snake River between Moose and Astoria. The river plan is an adaptive management tool ...

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Full steam ahead on county river management

“All forward, hard!”  That familiar paddle-raft captain’s command is now driving the Snake River Management Plan with full steam.
On Jan. 12, Teton County staff met with elected officials to answer questions and release additional information regarding the county’s River Management Plan.Town/County Parks and Recreation Department staff presented handouts regarding frequently asked questions about the county’s new river plan, and they proposed a draft budget and offered a draft certification checklist for commercial river trip companies. (Contact the Jackson-Teton County Parks and Rec Department for ...
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Snake River plan ahead of schedule

Teton County’s new Snake River Management Plan has been officially approved and will go into effect in the spring of 2015.

While the plan was tentatively scheduled for a final vote in February, the Teton Board of County Commissioners sped up the process by approving the major elements of the document during a scheduled discussion of the draft on Tuesday, Dec. 16. Teton County’s news announcement on the vote can be read here.

Details of the ...

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Commissioners approve Snake River Management Plan (official press release)

Media Release
Contact: Steve Ashworth, Director
Phone: 307.732.5752
Fax: 307.739.9068

Snake River Management Plan Approved

December 17, 2014

After nearly two years of public hearings, community meetings and much public discourse, the Teton County Board of County Commissioners approved the proposed Snake River Management Plan on Tuesday, December 16, 2014. Teton County will be entering into a permitting role in the spring of 2015 on the Snake River for all commercial activity from Moose to Hoback.

Since this ...

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Snake River Fund comments on river management plan proposal

As a longstanding partner on river management in Teton County, the Snake River Fund applauded progress and suggested improvements to a recently released draft “preferred alternative” for a new county Snake River plan for Moose to Astoria.

“It is in the community’s interest, and certainly that of all stakeholders, that we get this management plan right the first time,” wrote Snake River Fund executive director Rebecca Reimers in the nonprofit’s Nov. 21 comment letter to Teton County officials. “We must create a respected and ...

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Snake River management update

Teton County held a public workshop Nov. 17 on Snake River management, with approximately 40 individuals and commercial outfitters in the audience. The meeting allowed commissioners and the public to ask questions and provide comments to the consulting team, Confluence Research & Consulting, via video conference.

The county issued a press release update after the meeting. Please follow the link below for the full news release:


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River management plan moves forward; Draft preferred alternative released

A “draft preferred alternative” for Teton County’s first river management plan has been released for public review.

The Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department announced yesterday that the county’s river management consultants, Confluence Research and Consulting, have completed the draft alternative based on previous direction from elected officials, public and stakeholder input, Snake River use data, and successful strategies from rivers elsewhere.

The draft preferred alternative is available online at the Parks and Rec Department website and will be open for public comment through Nov. 21.

The Parks ...

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