Snake River Management Plan moves forward

On Jan. 19, 2016, Jackson Hole residents and visitors received the cumulative benefit of dedicated community-driven Snake River stewardship work. After a first full test season in 2015, the Teton Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2016 version of the Snake River Management Plan.

The river plan exists because commercial outfitters and the Snake River Fund sought the services of Teton County to oversee sustainable use of the Snake River between Moose and Astoria. The river plan is an adaptive management tool that is getting better every year.

Thank you, river outfitters who led the way to this plan. You offer the vital service of safely and insightfully connecting thousands of visitors to our local artery of life. You know the river better than most; you took a high road of self-imposed regulated use.

Thank you, Teton County Parks and Recreation Department leaders. You administered, listened, revised, and recommended smart courses of action.

Thank you, private citizens. You ensured a place for locals on these mid-valley reaches of the river.

Thank you, Wyoming Game and Fish Department staff. You helped keep the needs of the natural resources of the river in focus.

Thank you, Teton County Commissioners. You accepted the burden of listening to strong opinions, and you provided necessary policy-making leadership.

The Snake River Fund is grateful to be partners with all of you in keeping the knowledge base of our community deep, the ecology of our watershed healthy, and the economy of our river-borne recreational services vibrant.

Here’s wishing all a joyful and prosperous 2016 season of recreation and work on the mighty Snake River.


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