Len Carlman

Executive Director

Len Carlman has lived in the valley for more than 30 years as a stakeholder and advocate for the Snake River. Married to Anne Ladd and father of teenagers Madeline and Reed, he has been fishing, canoeing, kayaking and enjoying river expeditions in the region since 1979.

Len has been actively involved with the Snake River Fund since 2003 as a volunteer and emeritus board member. He was on the leadership team for the successful campaign for the Snake River Headwaters, which shepherded a federal act to protect the ecosystem’s waterways as Wild and Scenic Rivers.

His early work experience in the valley includes getting to know the river as a whitewater driver and guide from 1981 to 1986. Since then, Len’s career progression has given him significant nonprofit experience, including positions on numerous boards, as well as a stint as executive director at the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. During his earlier years at the Alliance in program positions, he helped beat back a “crazy but real” proposal to dam the Oxbow Bend in GTNP in 1983.

He comes to the Fund from his most recent position as development director of the Teton Science Schools and a long career in the practice of general civil law, with many years of experience in land transactions and conservation easements. Len calls his post at the Fund a “huge gift” in that it would be an opportunity to work with dedicated, passionate and effective people on a culturally, ecologically and economically vital resource.

Jared Baecker

Program Director

Jared Baecker joined the organization in December of 2015 to develop the nonprofit’s education, stewardship and access work through the position of program director.

A biologist, professional naturalist and river enthusiast, Baecker came to the Snake River Fund with a diverse background perfectly suited to tackling his position’s broad range of duties. He has a strong connection to the Jackson Hole community, having worked in natural history education through Wildlife Expeditions, Natural Habitat Adventures and as a board member and volunteer for the Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation. Baecker said the position fits his core values and passions.

“The Snake River is not only a marvelous natural resource; it is also an economic engine,” Baecker said. “It is imperative to work collaboratively to achieve goals that sustain the resource but also sustain our local economy. The collaborative work of the Snake River Fund, local businesses and government agencies to promote wise use and stewardship is something to be admired.”

Among his duties, Baecker coordinates and implements the organization’s educational and outreach programs for youths and adults, such as Guides’ Night for river enthusiasts, and the Fifth-Grade Float Trips, which ensure all Jackson Hole youths have the opportunity to experience the river first hand.